UPDATE!!!! All reservations for Chirripo National Park are now being made online.

THE PARK'S NEW WEBSITE IS www.sinac.go.cr

Dear Travelers,
Chirripo National Park has announced that walk-in tickets are no longer available. Crestones Basecamp no longer allows cooking, but they offer meals or you can bring cold food. Crestones Basecamp now provides a sleeping bag for you.

Below are the Step-By-Step instructions for purchase of park entry permits only.

This guides you through park permits only. LODGING must be arranged after your purchase you permits. Go to bottom of page
for Lodging instruction

*  Please contact us with your questions or problems.

1. go to http://www.sinac.go.cr/

2. Click on 'Online Booking' located in the upper right corner

3. Click on 'Check In'  (very small letters in the lower left corner) and set up your username and password and info.

4. Log in

5. Click on "Buy" and then "online reservation" on the drop down menu. 

* Wildlife Area: choose "PARQUE NACIONAL CHIRRIPO"

* Entry Sector:  choose "SECTOR SAN GERARDO"

6. Click on the 'AVAILABILITY' calendar. This calendar is in Spanish

* 'Fecha' is the day you enter the park.

* 'disponibilidad' indicates the number of beds available for that date at Basecamp Crestones.

* 'visita diaria' is for a day pass only with no overnight option

Once you find an available date close the calendar and then enter your entry date (dd/mm/yy) in the first box. In the second box, put the date you depart from the park.

7. Admissions type:  ADULTA NO RESIDENTE

 COUNTRY: choose yours  

 QUANTITY= the number of people hiking

Quantity Days=2 permits needed for an overnight hike. 

Quantity days=3 permits needed for a two night hike

8. Hit the blue + sign for the total of park passes required.

9.  Accept the terms and hit the blue arrow to pay for the passes

when you're ready to commit.  You have 8 minutes to complete the transaction.

10. Enter your passport as your IDS number and click on the + sign after each entry.

Your permit to hike Chirripo coresponds to a bed at Crestones Basecamp.
To arrange lodging at Basecamp Crestones on the mountain; immediately email your entry permit number and a date that you can make payment in person at a Banco Nacional in Costa Rica.

Email: info@chirripo.org
As they have no way for you to pay from outside the county, they ask you to make a payment at Banco Nacional when you arrive in Costa Rica. Banco Nacional is located in most cities throughout the country. You must pay the amount they indicate to the following account number:

Asociacion Camara de Desarrolladores de Turismo Rural Comunitario Chirripo
Cedula juridica: 3-002-566224.
Banco Nacional de Costa Rica 100-01-010-007326-1
Cuenta cliente: 15101010010073263
Be sure to give the bank teller your permit reservation number and save your receipt.

If you are within 10 days of your hike date, you can pay your lodging fee in person in cash or with a credit card.
The contact number for Chirripo.org (Crestones Lodging) is (506) 2742-5097 or (506) 2742-5200.

- All reservations are non-transferable and non-refundable.

- Space at the Chirripo National Park base camp is limited.

- The Park requires each hiker to check in at the San Gerardo Park Office, at the entrance to the village of San Gerardo de Rivas, by 4pm one day prior to hiking.

- The Crestones Basecamp lodging office requires each hiker to check in at the San Gerardo Office, at the soccer field of the village of San Gerardo de Rivas, by 5pm one day prior to hiking.

Please check in at the offices before hiking up the hill to Casa Mariposa

Please contact Casa Mariposa about road conditions, updated bus schedules and travel times to ensure that you arrive in time for Park check-in.